A second war, an invisible enemy in Arakan State

Editorial 30 Jun 2020

Arakan State, where fierce clashes are ongoing between the Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army, has seen a gradual rise in its coronavirus case count, which now stands at 12 confirmed positives. Though that accounts for only 4% of the country’s 299 total patients, it is the second-highest number of cases after Yangon Region.

IDPs in need with rainy days ahead

30 May 2020

Shooting, shellings, and fear have forced many from their homes. Yet harsh and difficult conditions await, as internally displaced people (IDPs) are forced to seek refuge in poorly built shelters, schools and monasteries. 

With arrival of coronavirus in Myanmar, restore internet to save lives

Editorial 31 Mar 2020

The number of people infected with coronavirus continues to climb and the body count from the deadly virus rises day by day across the globe. Meanwhile, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Myanmar had reached 14 as of March 30, with the Myanmar government stepping up its preventive measures as the disease also known as COVID-19 shows little sign of abating in the near term.

Of intercommunal sparks and preventive measures in Arakan State

25 Feb 2020

Although tensions have remained part of life among the Muslim and Arakanese communities of Arakan State since inter-religious violence scarred the geopolitical landscape in 2012, it can be said that the two communities are living in relative harmony these days.  

Be aware of Facebook-twatchers

17 Dec 2019

Arakan State has complicated affairs and is experiencing civil unrest and ethnic injustices. Thus, a comment or a post of an influential person on Facebook receives public interest more than other posts because of the person’s social standing.

Humanity must prevail over politics

04 Dec 2019

The government provides K300 for each refugee for a day, but it is not enough for a person’s daily expenses. Meanwhile the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and World Food Programme (WFP) provide humanitarian aid in limited amount and only with permission from regional authorities.

Arakan State needs rice…not bullets

15 Nov 2019

If a war starts, it damages the health, education and business systems and the public have to suffer for that. The residents in Arakan State are really getting tired of experiencing fighting which broke out in their region between the Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army (AA) since December last year.

The Safety of Civilians

Editorial 01 Nov 2019

Even though some areas don’t experience the ravages of war, they still feel the residual consequences of warfare. Armed groups came and established their camps and outposts at schools and monasteries, this resulted in damaged public property and the loss of personal property.

The Past is present

13 Aug 2019

The history of the Arakan includes an unforgettable day that happened in Sittwe on 13 August, 1967. It is a loathsome, sad and painful event after the government of that time was treated arbitrarily in the region. The day is referred to as the “rice crisis day” and dozens of local residents were killed. 

Let’s move forward in unison

15 Jun 2019

Associations, networks and foundations were formed today in the Arakanese community to work for the community. Some organizations remain successful but some failed to keep their agendas on an even keel.

People must silence the voices of racial discord

DMG 01 Jun 2019

The relations between Muslims and Arakanese people in Arakan State have become very strained following a criminal case that occurred in 2012, each community is suspicious of other communities.

The Truth about the Fourth Pillar

DMG 15 May 2019

Seasoned journalists who work in mass media clearly understand their tasks. The work entails acquiring information and documenting and verifying that information so the information is factual and true.

Let’s protect ancient city Mrauk-U

DMG 18 Apr 2019

Artillery fire inside the ancient city is tearing apart the heart of all Arakanese. That’s why we strongly condemn such incidents committed by whichever armed group. We believe that it is the responsibility of the group who instigated the outbreak of hostility in the ancient city and destroyed ancient buildings.

DMG requests to stop hate speech immediately

DMG 15 Feb 2019

The online hate speech was recently instigated publicly in downtown Yangon. The former member of Upper House of the Parliament, U Hla Swe, did so at a mass rally on 3 February 2019 where people had come out to welcome the Tatmadaw’s announcement of a ceasefire and requesting all ethnic people to participate in peace process.

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