Editorial: Rape Among IDPs in Arakan State 

DMG 14 Jul 2021

It is even more worrying for women in the IDP camps, who are often living outside of the relative safety and security of their home communities. The threat of rape is a fear for many, on top of day-to-day concerns related to food, shelter and livelihoods. Those insecurities can also overlap and merge; bathing, using the restroom and foraging for food or firewood all come with added risk for IDP women. 

Editorial: The Press Is Not the Enemy

DMG 07 Jun 2021

Sady, it has been this way for generations. Newspaper houses have been raided since the days of the Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League, during the pre-military era of democracy in what was then Burma. 

Editorial: Why Water Scarcity in High-Precipitation Arakan State?

DMG 04 May 2021

It is not unusual for water shortages to arise in central Myanmar, where precipitation has historically been low for much of the year. But the annual water shortages that are increasingly the summertime norm in Arakan State, where average precipitation is significantly higher, is the result of poor management of water resources.  

Editorial: With Myanmar Spring

09 Apr 2021

The hot season has arrived with cuckoos signing sweet melodies. Ceylon ironwood, padauk and golden shower trees are in full bloom as Myanmar is celebrating the New Year. It is the tradition of the Buddhists to wash away their sins of the previous year and welcome the New Year merrily and refresh themselves.

Editorial: The Pen and the Sword in Arakan and Beyond

DMG 10 Mar 2021

Then in December of last year and again in January, DMG reporters who were simply doing their jobs were targeted in two separate lawsuits, facing erroneous allegations of defamation. Two of the three DMG journalists named in these lawsuits have since gone into hiding. They were not the first from DMG to do so, however: In May 2019, DMG Editor-in-Chief Aung Marm Oo went to ground after Special Branch police in Sittwe opened a meritless case against him under the Unlawful Associations Act. 

Auspicious in Arakan

02 Jan 2021

A new year has begun, and good riddance to its predecessor. The year 2020 was a nightmare for Arakan State, with its people beset by pandemic and continuing war; 2020 was marked by repeated gunfire and the displacement of tens of thousands more people, with hundreds of civilian injuries and fatalities. But New Year’s Day 2021 brought, potentially, a significant departure from last year. In the early going, we’d dare say things are looking auspicious in Arakan State.

Protect Children From Dangers of Landmines and ERW

25 Nov 2020

The large number of children killed or injured by landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) in areas of armed conflict this year shows children in those places are in urgent need of protection. 

Deterring apathy for an uncertain but critical election in Arakan State

02 Oct 2020

The activities of political parties have increasingly been populating the news feeds of social media users since the 2020 election date was announced last month. Despite the flurry of online activity, there are indications that this general election may attract the lowest interest of any of the three polls to be held since the 2008 Constitution was enacted. This is admittedly speculation, but DMG argues that it is informed speculation, based on sentiment on the ground in Arakan State.

‘Safety first’ for an election amid war, a pandemic and voter apathy 

18 Sep 2020

As Myanmar’s November 8 general election draws nearer, the official campaign period is in its second week. But political parties in Arakan State report struggling to conduct their campaigns amid ongoing conflict and the coronavirus pandemic, which is also expected to depress interest in the election and, ultimately, voter turnout.

A second war, an invisible enemy in Arakan State

Editorial 30 Jun 2020

Arakan State, where fierce clashes are ongoing between the Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army, has seen a gradual rise in its coronavirus case count, which now stands at 12 confirmed positives. Though that accounts for only 4% of the country’s 299 total patients, it is the second-highest number of cases after Yangon Region.

IDPs in need with rainy days ahead

30 May 2020

Shooting, shellings, and fear have forced many from their homes. Yet harsh and difficult conditions await, as internally displaced people (IDPs) are forced to seek refuge in poorly built shelters, schools and monasteries. 

With arrival of coronavirus in Myanmar, restore internet to save lives

Editorial 31 Mar 2020

The number of people infected with coronavirus continues to climb and the body count from the deadly virus rises day by day across the globe. Meanwhile, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Myanmar had reached 14 as of March 30, with the Myanmar government stepping up its preventive measures as the disease also known as COVID-19 shows little sign of abating in the near term.

Of intercommunal sparks and preventive measures in Arakan State

25 Feb 2020

Although tensions have remained part of life among the Muslim and Arakanese communities of Arakan State since inter-religious violence scarred the geopolitical landscape in 2012, it can be said that the two communities are living in relative harmony these days.  

Be aware of Facebook-twatchers

17 Dec 2019

Arakan State has complicated affairs and is experiencing civil unrest and ethnic injustices. Thus, a comment or a post of an influential person on Facebook receives public interest more than other posts because of the person’s social standing.

Humanity must prevail over politics

04 Dec 2019

The government provides K300 for each refugee for a day, but it is not enough for a person’s daily expenses. Meanwhile the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and World Food Programme (WFP) provide humanitarian aid in limited amount and only with permission from regional authorities.

Arakan State needs rice…not bullets

15 Nov 2019

If a war starts, it damages the health, education and business systems and the public have to suffer for that. The residents in Arakan State are really getting tired of experiencing fighting which broke out in their region between the Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army (AA) since December last year.

The Safety of Civilians

Editorial 01 Nov 2019

Even though some areas don’t experience the ravages of war, they still feel the residual consequences of warfare. Armed groups came and established their camps and outposts at schools and monasteries, this resulted in damaged public property and the loss of personal property.

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