Vox Pop: Will ‘Operation 1027’ continue to expand?

Political analysts and observers recently shared their thoughts with DMG on the possible impacts of Operation 1027, which the Brotherhood Alliance says is aimed at ending military dictatorship in Myanmar.

By Admin 11 Nov 2023

Vox Pop: Will ‘Operation 1027’ continue to expand?

DMG Newsroom
11 November 2023

The Brotherhood Alliance has seized six towns and about 150 junta positions since they launched the offensive known as “Operation 1027” on October 27. The ethnic alliance has vowed that it will fight the regime across the country in collaboration with other revolutionary organisations.

Political analysts and observers recently shared their thoughts with DMG on the possible impacts of Operation 1027, which the Brotherhood Alliance says is aimed at ending military dictatorship in Myanmar.

U Than Soe Naing || Political Analyst

For the time being, allied forces are seizing military positions in Kokang, and also working to take control of other areas. The second phase will be to seize Kyaukme and Kutkai. The operation has also spread to Sagaing [Region]. I mean, all the clashes are connected.

[Resistance forces will need] to fight in Sagaing, Magwe and Mandalay regions, where Bamar people make up the majority, if they are to make the military operation irrepressible. Only doing so will pave the way to Naypyitaw.

I mean, Operation 1027 of the Brotherhood Alliance will expand further. But on the other hand, these three groups alone cannot defeat the Myanmar military across the country, or occupy Naypyitaw. Only when People’s Defence Forces and ethnic armed groups in the regions and states carry out a strategic operation in unison will they be able to march to Naypyitaw.

U Pe Than || Veteran Arakanese politician

The Brotherhood Alliance alone is not sufficient to realise their objective. They need manpower to assert control over the territory they have gained. They also need manpower to make an offensive. So, for Operation 1027 to expand further, people’s revolutionary organisations from everywhere must carry out joint operations. They must take systematic measures to stage the armed revolt on a wider scale. Only then will they be able to control wider swatches of territory.

This operation is not only concerned with the tripartite ethnic alliance, but also directly connected with other revolutionary organisations. The three groups alone will not be able to seize the whole country. But their actions set an example for the entire country.

Daw Wai Wai || Burmese Women’s Union

Innocent civilians have been forced from their homes by the junta’s attacks. If offensives are launched on a wider scale across the country, the military regime will collapse, and innocent civilians will be able to return to their homes and back to peaceful lives. Ethnic armed organisations must work harmoniously for Operation 1027 to succeed.

An anonymous official || All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU)

The Brotherhood Alliance stated that among the objectives of this operation is to fight the military dictatorship. But in my opinion, how long and how far Operation 1027 can go depends on the objectives of the allies involved in the operation. It is still too early for us to review Operation 1027 in detail. But it is certain that Operation 1027 will spread throughout Myanmar. Everyone will see that day after day there are big battles.

To wage a revolution against a powerful enemy requires a united army. This operation proves that effective fighting can only be achieved by forming a coalition. At present, the scope of the war has expanded, so the people are experiencing the consequences of the war, and I see that it will be even worse in the future.

We see that there will be armed struggles as well as civil struggles for the political system we want, for the peace we envision, for liberation of the oppressed masses. For this, the people will have to continue to pay with blood and sweat.

Anonymous woman || Arakan State-based civil society organisation

The Brotherhood Alliance’s Operation 1027 may expand to Arakan State or to the entire country, depending on what they can do. After Operation 1027, the junta’s military activities are clearly visible. On the other hand, the military and the Arakan Army have been trading arrests and the military council is conducting weapons tests. The military junta may blame the Arakan Army for the defeat in northern Shan State and hostilities will likely resume in Arakan State.

Operation 1027 is spreading across the country, and the consequences of this operation are both bad and good. This means that the people will feel shortages of goods and the people will have to dodge war because of the fighting. In order to survive and overcome this, all people must cooperate. In order to root out the military dictatorship, not only the Brotherhood Alliance, but also other ethnic armed groups need to work together.