Mother, Son Face Hardships From a Sittwe Hovel

Mrat Swe 16 Jun 2021

Daw Ma Than Shwe suffers from hypertension, which at its worst can result in temporary unconsciousness for the septuagenarian. She cannot afford to go to the local health clinic, however, and instead has to rely on medicines from mom-and-pop drug stores.

A Grisly Murder on the Banks of the Kaladan and One Widow’s Search for Justice

Khin Tharaphy Oo 21 May 2021

The Kaladan River is a place full of memories and longing for Ma Su Chay. The memory of her husband’s severed body parts washed up along the banks of the river will not soon leave her, in a world that is so different — marked by added hardship and sadness — than it was a year ago. 

Dim Existences Amid Stale Smoke at Tin Nyo IDP Camp

Aung Htein 07 Apr 2021

People were searching the wreckage, looking for anything still usable. The air was filled with a smoky smell as kitchenware and boxes could be seen scattered across the scorched earth. 

In Arakan’s War, 36 Days in a Pit From Hell

Aung Htein 25 Mar 2021

“Bullets are falling like rain. Artillery shells are landing; it looks like earthquakes are rocking. I have never seen such a situation in my life,” Daw Hla Yin Oo, a woman in her 40s, recalls of her experience last March in Arakan State’s Kyauktaw Township.

Women Rise From the Ashes of War

Dani 10 Jan 2021

Ma Than Soe sits quietly in front of the house and stares vacantly into the distance. She was once known as an active and happy girl. Now, she looks like another person; her smile and friendliness are not seen in her.

With internet throttled, a new use for bamboo arises in ancient Mrauk-U

06 Jan 2021

As a feature that sticks out and is scattered around town, bamboo gives a different look to Mrauk-U, the seat of Arakanese kings from the early 15th century to the late 18th century. Today many long poles made by lashing bamboo rods together dot high-rise buildings and other edifices across town.

Women in Arakan's IDP camps yearning to live in Hygiene

20 Dec 2020

Teenage girls and women in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps in north of Arakan (Rakhine) State are hoping the support of sanitary napkins from international aid organizations after they have endured three previous cycles without hygiene pads.

Funeral rites among munitions

Sein Ko Ko 03 Sep 2019

“Suddenly, artillery shells rained on our house. When I looked, Aung Zin Phyo had a big hole in his belly and was covered with blood. My mother, Daw Ma Kyaing ran to me but she fell down before reaching me. My sister ran to me as well and fell down in my arms, and I carried her and ran to hospital but we couldn’t save her life,” said Yazar Tun, brother of the deceased Ma Nyo Nyo Win.

How innocent bloodletting happens

Sein Ko Ko 21 Aug 2019

“The government is the most responsible party to protect people. But, both armed groups have a responsibility for people affected by the war because they possess weapons and civilians don’t.,” Daw Htoot May, Amyotha Hluttaw representative.

A day of celebration with uninvited guests

26 Jun 2019

It was on 13 June. While guests were enjoying food at the ceremony, an unexpected turn of events took place. A column of military that included about 600 soldiers, marched from Taung Oo village and entered into Kyauk Say Pyin village. 

Children from IDP camps face educational obstacles

01 Jun 2019

“We don’t have any accessories to go to school with. So even we cannot go to school, it’s not easy for us. We don’t know which school we can go to and we don’t have any money also,” Grade Seven student Ma Khin Nu Aye from Kan Sauk refugee camp said.

The bloodshed must halt

Phadu Tun Aung 01 Apr 2019

“If they reach a mutual understanding, we can find relief. Now, we just hear about the loss of lives very often here. My husband was also killed,”

Bullets and brutality rain down on the innocent

Khaing Roe La 13 Mar 2019

Family members believe that the death of Ma Yi Yi Soe is the responsibility of Tatmadaw, and her father hopes for truth. “I am not satisfied for the loss of my daughter. I want truth. I want to settle it according to the law,” he said.

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