Visiting a Treasured Waterfall in Buthidaung Township

Maung Mayu (Buthidaung) 05 Dec 2021

Over the course of Sai Din’s history, it has been known as Sit Tan Tin, Sein Tin and See Tin. It was renamed Sai Din in its later years. “Sai Din” is believed to have evolved from “Sit Tan Tin”, meaning the water of Sit Creek above the Sai Din Mountains — in other words, a waterfall formed by Sit Creek.

Protecting mangrove ecosystems in Arakan State, before it’s too late

Thiha 02 Oct 2021

Unfortunately, we humans are turning some of these precious mangroves into charcoal, while some mangrove forests are converted into salt fields. Some mangrove forests are being converted into housing projects. As a result of these changes, mangroves are slowly disappearing in Myanmar. 

Arakan State’s Catastrophic Trinity

Thurein 19 Aug 2021

The first and second waves of Covid-19 in Arakan State were not prolonged, but the third wave was not far behind, characterised by the more contagious Delta variant. 

DMG journalists’ case gets new, more punitive dimension

DMG 17 May 2021

The two reporters have been granted bail in the case brought under Section 66(d) of the Telecommunications Law, but with the more recently added second charge under Penal Code Section 505(a), the defendants are not able to apply for bail.

Absence of Arakan Fighting Does Not Mean Peace for Many Wary IDPs

Khin Tharaphy Oo 29 Apr 2021

Among the tens of thousands of civilians displaced by conflict between Myanmar’s military and the Arakan Army, some have been away from their homes for more than two years. So when a tentative ceasefire was reached circa October 2020, significant numbers of internally displaced people (IDPs) packed their bags and headed home.  

The Great Reverse Migration

DMG 27 Mar 2021

Each year spoon-billed sandpipers leave their homeland and travel thousands of miles south to escape the cold, food-scarce climate during the winter. After wintering for a while at warmer latitudes, the spoon-billed sandpipers return to their homeland: Siberia, Russia. Therefore, people living in foreign lands and returning in droves are often compared to Siberians.

The Case for a Vote After The Vote in Northern Arakan State

08 Dec 2020

Yohei Sasakawa, special envoy of the government of Japan for national reconciliation in Myanmar, was visiting Arakan State to see if conditions were suitable for holding elections in nine northern townships where voting in the November 8 general election was cancelled for security reasons. 

Wanted: A Chief Minister for Peace

24 Nov 2020

The applicant must be at least 35 years of age. Must be an incoming Arakan State Hluttaw representative as a winner in the November 8 general election. Must be ready to lead from Day One. The emergency issue to be handled as a matter of priority: termination of two years of armed conflict in Arakan State.  

Peace in Arakan After Election Day 2020

Aung Htein 24 Oct 2020

The general election is just over a week away. November 8 is about choosing representatives for the respective Hluttaws through the votes of the people. In other words, it is about what the government will look like beyond 2020.

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